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The Precise Combination of Performance and Value in the Accuris Line of Laboratory Balances

Accuris lab balances offer flexible weighing capabilities in the designs and weight capacities that fit your laboratory benchtop as well as your budget. Available in three series', they're designed to meet a variety of weighing requirements from basic to advanced analytical measurements. And what’s more, they’re easy to calibrate.

Accuris balances incorporate the latest in weighing technology. The Compact and Precision Balances use ceramic capacitance sensors to deliver accurate readings with high repeatability. The Analytical balances use highly precise electromagnetic sensors to deliver the accuracy and linearity that match the top brands on the market. An internal calibration option is also available for the Analytical series balances.

All of these digital balances include adjustable leveling feet, leveling bubble indicators and an RS232 interface for connection to your computer or printer.

Each model lets you choose from three modes of operation:

  • Standard weighing mode
  • Count mode
  • Percent mode
Accuris Compact Balance, CG-794
Accuris Precision Balance, CG-796
Accuris Analytical Balance, CG-798

Precision Balance, CG-796

  • Six models based on weight capacity
  • Readability levels from 0.1 to 0.01g
  • Lightweight, compact design
  • Six models based on weight capacity
  • Readability to 0.001g
  • Large, easy-to-read digital display
  • Two models based on weight capacity
  • Readability to 0.0001g (0.1mg)
  • Superior weight determination