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Bioreactor Components

Replacement and Spare Parts for Stirred Bioreactors

We now offer replacement parts for Applikon® Biotechnology and Broadley-James® brands of bioreactors.


Cell and Tissue Culture Supplies

CELLTREAT cell culture and liquid handling products are central to Chemglass Life Sciences’ product line of cell culture consumables for bioprocess and bio manufacture.

CELLTREAT Scientific Products includes a comprehensive Quality Certificate on many of its products' packaging. It is designed to include items commonly found on Certificates of Compliance and Certificates of Assurance.

The CELLTREAT Quality Certificate includes:
  • Part Number
  • Lot Number
  • Sterility Assurance Level and Dosage
  • Endotoxin / Pyrogen-Free Assurance
  • Non-Cytotoxicity Assurance
  • RNase / DNase-Free Assurance

Sterility Assurance Level
CELLTREAT sterilized products are gamma irradiated and certified to a Sterility Assurance Level (SAL) of 10-6.

Red Dot Sterilization Indicator
Radiation Indicator dots are placed on CELLTREAT sterilized products to provide an added level of visual quality assurance. The indicator dot turns red when exposed to radiation.

Celltreat Scientific Products for Cell Culture and Liquid Handling

Expanded Surface Roller Bottles, CLS-1188

Tissue Culture Treated Roller Bottles, CLS-1188
Sterile Solution Bottles, CLS-1152

TC-Treated Roller Bottles, CLS-1188

PETG Square Media Bottle    

Sterile PETG Square Media / Storage Bottles, CLS-1151-500

CELLTREAT Cell Scrapers
Celltreat Cell Lifters, CLS-2403 Celltreat Cell Scrapers, CLS-2403 Celltreat Cell Scrapers, Pivoting Blades
Cell Lifters, CLS-2403 Cell Scrapers with Pivoting Blades
Treated Tissue Culture Dishes, CLS-1805 Treated Tissue Culture Dishes with Gripping Rings, CLS-1805-152 Petri Dishes with Gripping Rings
Plain Petri Dishes Slippable Petri Dishes  
Non-Treated Petri Dishes, Plain Slippable Non-Treated Petri Dishes  
Sterile Bottle Top Filters for 45mm Threaded Solution Storage Bottles, CLS-2009
Vacuum Filters with 50mL Centrifuge Tubes,  CLS-2011
Sterile Membrane Syringe Filters, CLS-2005
Threaded Adapter for Celltreat Bottle Top Filters, CLS-2090-4538    
CELLTREAT Flasks and Accessory Transfer Assemblies
Polycarbonate Fernbach and Erlenmeyer Culture Flasks, CLS-2070 Polycarbonate Fernbach and Erlenmeyer Baffled Culture Flasks, CLS-2071 Treated, Hydrophilic, Tissue Culture FLasks, CLS-2406
Non-treated, Hydrophobic, Suspension Culture Flasks, CLS-2408 Sollid Top and Vented Caps for Tissue and Suspension Culture Flasks, CLS-2410 3L Media Transfer Flask, CLS-1171
Transfer Assembly, Sterile, CLS-3465  
Transfer Assembly, Sterile, CLS-3465  
CELLTREAT Pipets and Accessory Reagent Reservoirs
Aspirating Pipets, CLS-3484
Bacteriological / Milk Pipets, CLS-3487
Open-Ended Piptets, CLS3492
Open-Ended Pipets, CLS-3492
Plasteur Plastic Pasteur Pipets, CLS-3488
Cotton Plugged Pasteur Pipets, Plasteur, CLS-3488-P
Serological Pipets, Shelf Pack Boxes
Plasteur Plastic Pasteur Pipets, CLS-3488
Serological Pipets, Bagged
Serological Pipets, Bulk Packs
Serological Pipets, Short
Serological Pipets, Plastic Wrappers
Plastic Sterile Serological Pipets in Individual Wrappers
Serological Pipets, Wide Tips
Serological Pipets, Plastic, Individually Wrapped, Sterile, CLS-3481-V
Plasteur Plastic Pasteur Pipets, CLS-3489
Disposable Pipet Reagent Reservoirs, CLS-3797
CELLTREAT Multi-well Plates and Accessory Cover Slips
Sterile, Treated, Round Bottom, Tissue Culture, Multi-well Plates, CLS-3500-R
Tissue Culture Plates, CLS-3500 Non-Treated Plates, CLS-3501
Sterile, Treated, Round Bottom, Tissue Culture, Multi-well Plates, CLS-3500-R
Sterile, Non-Treated, Multiple Well Plates, CLS-3503
German Glass, Round Cover Slips, #1 Thickness, CLS-1760
Non-Treated Round Bottom Plates, CLS-3501-R
CELLTREAT Tubes - 15 & 50 mL Centrifuge Tubes
Sterile, Bio-Reaction, Centrifuge Tubes, CLS-4285
Sterile, 15 & 50mL Centrifuge Tubes, Foam Rack, CLS-4301
Sterile, 15 & 50mL Centrifuge Tubes, Polypro Rack, CLS-4301-R
Sterile, 50mL Centrifuge Tubes, Numbered Caps, Foam Rack, CLS-4301
Sterile, 15 & 50mL Centrifuge Tubes, Paper Rack, CLS-4302
15 & 50mL, Sterile, Centrifuge Tubes with Flip Top Caps, CLS-4308
Tubes with Numbered Caps in Foam Rack, CLS-4301 Tubes in Paper Racks, CLS-4302
sterile plastic sterile centrifuge tubes with graduations Sterile Polystyrene Plastic Cent Tubes with Caps
Bio-Reaction Tube, CO2 Control Labels, CLS-4285-LS1
Polypropylene Centrfuge Tubes with Caps, CLS-4307 Polystyrene Centrfuge Tubes with Caps, CLS-4307-P CO2 Control Labels for Bio-Reaction Tubes, CLS-4285-LS1
15 & 50mL, Opaque Black, Centrifuge Tubes, CLS-4303-B
225mL, Sterile, Conical, Centrifuge Tubes, CLS-4303-225
225 and 250mL Tubes, CLS-4303  
CELLTREAT Tubes - Micro Centrifuge Tubes
Natural MicroTubes with Easy-Open Caps Opaque Black MicroTube for Light-Sensitive Contents, CLS-4310-B  
CELLTREAT Accessories
Sterile Inoculating Loops in Three Styles: Needle, 1uL, 10uL
Tube Markers, Fast-Drying, Permanent, CLS-4305
Inoculating Loops and Needles, Sterile, CLS-2458