Reactor Accessories
Dual Vessel ChemRxnHub

Single, Dual & Triple Vessel ChemRxnHub Benchtop Reactor Systems

  • Single and multi-reactor workstations
  • 300mL to 5 liter configurations
  • Quick to assemble, operate and maintain
  • Fit most benchtop hoods
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Programmable Syringe Pumps and Controllers


Programmable Syringe Pumps for Reactors Reaction Controller / Data Logger, CG-16005
Programmable Syringe Pumps Reaction Controller / Data Logger
Glass Syringes with PTFE Plungers, CLS-1176-series Valves for RxnHUB Syringe Pumps
Glass Syringes with PTFE Plungers Valves for Syringe Pumps


Additional Accessories and Huber Circulators

Air Operated Drain Valve, CG-1968-V-01 Huber Minichiller, Unichiller, Ministat and Unistat Circulators
Air Operated Drain Valves Huber Circulators
Large Funnels for Process Reactors, CG-1767-series
Spill Trays, CG-1988-series
Process Reactor Funnels Safety Spill Trays in Various Sizes

RxnHub Programmable Syringe Pumps

  • Single and dual position programmable syringe pumps with adjustable flow rates from 0.75µL to 200mL
  • Glass syringes with PTFE plungers in a wide variety of sizes deliver acids, bases and organic solvents
  • Plastic safety coating available for syringes
  • Program controlled distribution valve fills and dispenses from up to eight ports
  • Choose from distribution valves with various quantities of addressable ports
  • Pumps disperse with microliter accuracy

Air-Operated Drain Valves

  • Choose stainless steel or Hastelloy® shafts
  • Fit 10 to 50 liter reactors with two-inch beaded pipe connections

RxnHub Controller

  • Automates the addition of multiple reagents to reactions as a function of time, temperature and pH

Authorized Huber® Unistat, Ministat, Minichiller and Unichiller Thermoregulation Products

  • Sales and installation
  • Training
  • Maintenance and repair

Plus an extensive family of jacketed and unjacketed glass vessel process reactors and filter reactors from 100mL to 100L - everything from microscale, pilot scale and kilo-lab to commercial scale production.