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Cryogenic Storage Products and Freezers

New Life Science Products

Benchmark Lab Equipment Promotions CLS-4779 Racks with Grippers, Low Profile CLS-4779G Racks with Grippers, Tube Ejectors
Promotional Offers on Benchtop Equipment Racks with Grippers, Low Profile, 50-Place Racks with Grippers andTube Ejectors, 50-Place
Accupet Pro Multi-Channel Pipettors, Research Grade low-profile-analog-magnetic-stirrer low-profile-digital-magnetic-stirrer
AccuPet Multi-Channel Pipettors AccuHelp Motorized Pipette Controllers Low Profile Magnetic Stirrers, Digital
low-profile-analog-magnetic-stirrer six-place-digital-magnetic-stirrer fifteen-place-digital-magnetic-stirrer
Low Profile Magnetic Stirrers, Analog 6 Place Digital Magnetic Stirrers 15 Place Digital Magnetic Stirrers
dispensette-bottletop-dispenser-organic dispensette-bottletop-dispenser cell-culture-rocker-bioreactor
Dispensette S Bottletop Dispensers, Organic

Dispensette S Bottletop Dispensers

Cell Culture Rocker
rotobots-tube-rotator-revolver-mixer-shaker centrifuge-tube-rainbow-cap-sterile handheld-labeler-printer
Rotobots; Tube Rotator, Revolver, Mixer, Shaker

Centrifuge Tubes, Rainbow Caps, Sterile

Handheld Labeler/Printer
laboratory-balances freezer-racks-boxes rainbow-labeling-tape
Laboratory Balances Freezer Racks & Boxes Labeling Tape
low-form-foam-dewar-flasks tall-form-foam-dewar-flasks micro-pipettes
Low Form Foam Dewar Flasks Tall Form Foam Dewar Flasks Micro Pipettes
polyethylene-spill-trays laboratory-bottle-systems-clear mosquito-feeder-glassware
Polyethylene Spill Trays Laboratory Bottle Systems, Clear Mosquito Feeder Glassware
Spare and Replacement Parts for Applikon Biotechnology and Broadley-James Brands of Stirred Bioreactors Anaerobic Culture Tubes 5ml-centrifuge-tubes
Bioreactors Anaerobic Culture Tubes 5mL Centrifuge Tubes
cover-slips Tissue Grinders Spinner Flasks
Cover Slips Tissue Grinders BioProcess Spinner Flasks
Shake Flasks Fernbach Flasks CellTreat® Plasticware
Shake Flasks Fernbach Flasks CellTreat® Products
Bio Reactors shaker-rack-bio-reaction-tubes cell culture incubators
Bio Reactors Shaker Rack for Bio-Reaction Tubes Cell Culture Incubators