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Bioreactor Components

Replacement and Spare Parts for Stirred Bioreactors

We now offer replacement parts for Applikon® Biotechnology and Broadley-James® brands of bioreactors.


Modular Cell Culture Bioreactor Rocker System

CHEMcell is the rocker system for labs seeking the flexibility of a modular format with separate cell culture bag trays and accessories.

The CHEMcell Bioreactor Rocker System consists of a heavy-duty base unit and your choice of stainless steel rocker trays designed to accommodate popular cell culture rocker bags. The rocker produces a quiet, smooth-rocking, wave motion that provides for gentle, efficient mixing and gas transfer.

Trays include heaters and PT100 thermocouples. Available in 10-20 liter and 20-50 liter versions.


Modular Design - Bioreactor Rocker Base and Trays Sold Separately

  • adjustable tray angles from 2 to 12 degrees
  • variable speed rocking from 2 to 40 per minute
  • postion control for load, harvest and run
eight-port-cell-culture-bags-CLS-1202-series siz-port-cell-culture-bags-CLS-1207-series
Eight Port Cell Culture Bags

Six Port Cell Culture Bags

  • made from crack resistant film
  • compatible with GE WAVE™ Rocking Platfoms
  • standard plus fill and oxygen sensor ports
  • contact layer available in either EVA or PE
  • made from crack resistant film
  • compatible with GE WAVE™ Rocking Platfoms
  • six standard ports

temperature-controller-for-CHEMcell-cell-culture-rocker-tray filter-vent-heater-for-cell-culture-bags
Temperature Controller Vent Filter Heater
  • controls heaters on both size trays
  • also controls filter vent heater
  • for use with rectangular vent filters
  • prevents harmful condensation

oxygen-and-carbon-dioxide-flowmeters-for-cell-culture cell-culture-bag-air-pump
Gas Flowmeters Rocker Bag Air Pump
  • available in low and high flow rates
  • choose flowmeters for O2 or CO2
  • base with leveling feet included
  • inflate cell culture bags
  • two outlets to inflate multiple cellbags
  • tubing and adapters included