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The rims on these dishes are reinforced and fire polished to reduce chipping. Will withstand repeated sterilization (wet or dry). Ideal for storage and crystallization.

 Items PQ = Package Quantity, DPrice = Discounted Price 
Item Number Item Description PQ Price
CG-8276-70 Dish, Crystallizing, 180mL, 70 x 50mm P6 $107.75
CG-8276-80 Dish, Crystallizing, 180mL, 80 x 40mm P6 $105.45
CG-8276-90 Dish, Crystallizing, 270mL, 90 x 50mm P6 $115.10
CG-8276-100 Dish, Crystallizing, 325mL, 100 x 50mm P6 $141.35
CG-8276-125 Dish, Crystallizing, 740mL, 125 x 65mm P4 $177.15
CG-8276-150 Dish, Crystallizing, 1200mL, 150 x 75mm P4 $235.25
CG-8276-170 Dish, Crystallizing, 1770mL, 170 x 90mm PK2 $142.10
CG-8276-190 Dish, Crystallizing, 2500mL, 190 x 100mm PK2 $168.05
  Note: Reusable Glass/Plastics
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