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Porous discs for use in fabrication of special glass apparatus. Available in Fine, Medium, Coarse and Extra Coarse porosities.

Pressure Limits:
Fritted glassware is designed for low pressure vacuum filtration or gas flow. The MAX differential pressure should not exceed 15 PSI.

Thermal Limits:
Fritted glassware should not be exposed to excessive temperature change or direct exposure to flame due to the fact that it has less resistance to thermal shock than standard borosilicate glassware.

 Items PQ = Package Quantity, DPrice = Discounted Price 
Item Number Item Description PQ Price
CGB-201-01 Fritted Disc, 10mm, Fine EACH $4.50
CGB-201-02 Fritted Disc, 10mm, Medium EACH $4.15
CGB-201-03 Fritted Disc, 10mm, Coarse EACH $4.15
CGB-201-04 Fritted Disc, 10mm, Extra Coarse EACH $4.15
CGB-201-05 Fritted Disc, 12mm, Fine EACH $4.80
CGB-201-06 Fritted Disc, 12mm, Medium EACH $4.15
CGB-201-07 Fritted Disc, 12mm, Coarse EACH $4.15
CGB-201-08 Fritted Disc, 12mm, Extra Coarse EACH $4.15
CGB-201-09 Fritted Disc, 15mm, Fine EACH $4.80
CGB-201-10 Fritted Disc, 15mm, Medium EACH $4.60
CGB-201-11 Fritted Disc, 15mm, Coarse EACH $4.60
CGB-201-12 Fritted Disc, 15mm, Extra Coarse EACH $4.60
CGB-201-13 Fritted Disc, 20mm, Fine EACH $6.00
CGB-201-14 Fritted Disc, 20mm, Medium EACH $5.20
CGB-201-15 Fritted Disc, 20mm, Coarse EACH $5.20
CGB-201-16 Fritted Disc, 20mm, Extra Coarse EACH $5.20
CGB-201-17 Fritted Disc, 25mm, Fine EACH $7.00
CGB-201-18 Fritted Disc, 25mm, Medium EACH $6.05
CGB-201-19 Fritted Disc, 25mm, Coarse EACH $5.20
CGB-201-20 Fritted Disc, 25mm, Extra Coarse EACH $6.05
CGB-201-21 Fritted Disc, 30mm, Fine EACH $8.15
CGB-201-22 Fritted Disc, 30mm, Medium EACH $6.45
CGB-201-23 Fritted Disc, 30mm, Coarse EACH $6.45
CGB-201-24 Fritted Disc, 30mm, Extra Coarse EACH $6.45
CGB-201-25 Fritted Disc, 35mm, Fine EACH $8.60
CGB-201-26 Fritted Disc, 35mm, Medium EACH $7.75
CGB-201-27 Fritted Disc, 35mm, Coarse EACH $7.80
CGB-201-28 Fritted Disc, 35mm, Extra Coarse EACH $8.00
CGB-201-29 Fritted Disc, 40mm, Fine EACH $10.50
CGB-201-30 Fritted Disc, 40mm, Medium EACH $9.30
CGB-201-31 Fritted Disc, 40mm, Coarse EACH $9.70
CGB-201-32 Fritted Disc, 40mm, Extra Coarse EACH $9.70
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