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Stoppers can be used to close off any of the unused openings in the head plate. The M6, M10 and M12 sizes are fitted into the head plate from the inside, leaving a flat surface, while the M18 and G3/4 are threaded into the ports from the outside.

Like-for-like replacement parts for Applikon® Biotechnology and Broadley-James® brands of bioreactors.

Applikon® is a registered trademark of Applikon Biotechnology, Inc. Broadley-James® and Broadley-James Corporation® are registered trademarks of Broadley-James Corporation.

Bioreactor Replacement Parts

 Items PQ = Package Quantity, DPrice = Discounted Price 
Item Number Item Description PQ Price
CLS-1380-22 M6 Blind Stopper EACH $43.95
CLS-1380-23 M10 Blind Stopper EACH $48.25
CLS-1380-24 M12 Blind Stopper EACH $52.55
CLS-1380-25 M18 Blind Stopper EACH $79.35
CLS-1385-14 M27 Blind Stopper EACH $98.10
CLS-1380-26 G3/4 Blind Stopper EACH $105.05
   Subject to Bio Reactor Discount.
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