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· Eliminates “dead volume” which normally needs to be flushed out of the sampler.
· All Luer-style connections, eliminates needle sampling
· Check valve positioning makes it impossible to re-inject the sample.
· Use with any type of cell culture sampling such as spinner flasks or bags.

The new Lach sampler permits sampling of bio reactors without the chance of contamination. Sampler is set up with check valves that eliminate the chances of contamination along with a connection for the sampling syringe which the user disinfects prior to use.

NOTE: The sampler is supplied assembled, but not sterilized. It must be autoclaved prior to use. The syringes are supplied sterile.

Samplers are available in two sizes, small with a 10mL syringe and large with a 20mL syringe. The small sampler works with any bio reactor up to and including 7 liters. The large is for 10 liters and above. (This is based on the volume in a normal stainless steel sampling tube.)

Design suggested by William Lach, Chemglass Life Sciences

Bioreactor Replacement Parts

 Items PQ = Package Quantity, DPrice = Discounted Price 
Item Number Item Description PQ Price
CLS-1399-01 Small Lach Aseptic Sampler EACH $31.10
CLS-1399-02 Large Lach Aseptic Sampler EACH $34.30
   Subject to Bio Reactor Discount.
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