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Bio-Simplex™ Spinner Flask accessories allow our customers to maintain their current investment in glassware, but with the convenience of a single-use, disposable accessory. Molded one piece construction creates a seamless fluid path and unobstructed inner bore. This eliminates contamination and product loss due to loose connections. The Bio-Simplex Flex-Joint uses a patent-pending design and construction which eliminates tube kinking and shape loss after autoclaving. The Bio-Simplex Flex Joint allows the user to create precisely the desired dip tube angle when used inside hand blown spinner flasks. This is important in order to the achieve clearance of impellors sensors, and probes located inside the spinner flask. Bio-Simplex™ port assemblies for spinner flasks includes the two or three port EZ Top® closure and tubing of C-Flex® pharmaceutical grade animal derived component free (ADCF) thermoplastic elastomer (TPE),a Bio-Simplex™ FlexJoint™ and polypropylene cap. Interchangeable with all Chemglass spinner flasks. Sold 1 each in a poly bag.

· Fill Line: 1/4” ID x 3/8” OD C-Flex® ADCF TPE Tubing
· Dip Tubes: Bio-Simplex™ FlexJoint™ with 0.15” ID x 1.4” OD
· Vent Line: 1/4” ID x 3/8” OD x 2” Long C-Flex® ADCF TPE Tubing

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 Items PQ = Package Quantity, DPrice = Discounted Price 
Item Number Item Description PQ Price
CLS-3460-04 15L 2-Port Spinner Flask Assembly, Disposable EACH $136.30
CLS-3460-06 1L 3-Port Spinner Flask Assembly, Disposable EACH $169.70
CLS-3460-07 3L 3-Port Spinner Flask Assembly, Disposable EACH $169.70
   Subject to Bio Reactor Discount.
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